I'm hearing myself think too clearly.

Life is a blast. Life is a song. Life is a dance. Most importantly to me, LIFE IS ART. And oh, I really do love sunny drawings.
-That's me

I know it's gonna be ok.

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Ying hooi's speech
Thursday, April 30, 2009 || 10:04 PM

YiNg HoOi says:
he is a selfish, moronic, uneducated, irresponsible, prude, ignorant, revolting, sickening, annoying, loathsome, abhorrent, obnoxious, disgusting, horrid, repulsive, nauseating, odious, vile, appalling, miserable, sockish guy.

YiNg HoOi says:
seriously, if he ever complains about my socks again, i will pluck his out and stick it all into his stinking, malodorous, revolting, repugnant mouth

Guess hu she is talking abt...

Behind every scar lies a painful memory...
|| 8:32 PM

2day damn damn funny...In class,during eng,we were going through this compre passage tat reminded our tcher of e mentos ad where e guy was late 4 class bt came in2 class backwards so e tcher toto he was leaving e class...Then ryan was lyk tat person reminds of someone ...BRANDON.Haha...Then e boys found a substitute 4 e word flirting...guess...Yep...BRANDON...Again...Then lionel was saying tat even when e guy offered e gal e mentos,he was giving e gal a flirtatious lk...Haha...Then during chinese,we were playing gamess...Zhen nan de sia...E message was something lyk zheng lao shi qing wo men chi ice-cream bt our message bcame guo sheng shi shi jie shang zui chou de ren...Lawlz...Ryan passed tat message down,then brandon changed it 2 zicong shi shi jie shang zui chou de ren...Shortly after,wen siang changed it back 2 zi cong...During lunch,e boys were lyk doing some stupid netbell thing then lionels underwear could b seen n he was lyk cannot alr...my underwear come out...N e guys were also lyk brandon doesnt wear underwear while wen siang was saying brandon wears g-strings...Then during e lit,mdm zuraidah was lyk i noticed tat e lower sec boys pants get longer while e girls skirts bcome shorter,,,So wen siang,lionel n brandn pull up their pants until damn high...lk damn nerdy n disgusting...=.="N during a and d,e giuys were lyk keep on calling me rabbit...Then dunno wat must pull my ears cuz rabbits ears vry long...Sigh...damn annoying sia...
REMINDER:Do not ever call me a rabbit,crazy rubber etc' on MY blog...Its mine...nt yrs...

Bored out of my mind...
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 || 1:56 PM

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh...Jz nw blogging in sch...in e sch auditorium...It was WEIRD...N @ e same time i was spamming kai siang...Then he went 2 block me...So fun 2 share desktop...Nice 2 spam ppl sia...Then after tat spam lionel...Lionel damn stupid keep on saying tat i am terrence which i am nt(n dun want 2 bcome)...Then b4 tat we had calligraphy then i change place wth wen siang so he could sit wth lionel n i can sit wth shavonne...Then wen siang dirtied my table,unwilling 2 help me clean so lionel help me clean(ty lionel)...Bt me n shavonne sabo wen siang...go n paint his table...Haha...Retribution...Then wen siang was lyk u better clean it up cuz he said i used his table then i am responsible 4 it...Then i most kindly pointed out tat lionel cleaned my table nt him,then he was lyk lionel cleaned on behalf of me...Bt lionel said he didnt..Then wen siang said so i owed lionel a favour then he was asking lionel 2 ask me clean up his table bt lionel said no...Haha...Loser.Mrs tan didnt come 2day so evryone was lyk crazy...Woots...Gtg

My life would suck without you.
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 || 4:48 PM

2day first period was physics(woohoo...i passed...).Mr ling gav us back our papers...I got 11 out of 15,higher than lionel by 3 marks...HA!I even beat yen tung...Then wen siang got 12(higher than me)bt after he kenna sabo by brandon,he got same marks as me...*sobs*.Xue ning got full marks...Woots!Gd job xue ning...At first lionel got 9 then brandon went 2 sabo all of them by saying they nvr write statement...Then they were lyk brandon nvr sabo e girls cuz he is a flirt.Lionel wanted 2 sabo me bt 2 bad 4 him,i wrote statement...Haha...Then 4 chinese we were doing chao boring things...After tat,ICT,we were supposed 2 do photoshop abt mother's day...damn stupid...We had maths test 2day...A LOT of ppl were copying ans...Then wen siang negative bcome positive so his ans wrong...After e test lionel's eyes lked red n we tot he was going 2 cry.Hope i pass...Then during lunch,yen tung decided 2 call me crazy rubber due 2 e fact tat i am CRAZY n i lyk doing sit n reach...Yen tung is seriously weird...In e morning,i took bus 2 sch,then half-way walking 2 sch,met clara n her dad so took her car 2 sch...Come 2 tink of it,i vry long time nvr c dorothy alr...So weird...Im kinda used 2 seeing her everyday...Then during eng,xue ning sabo me...call my reg. no. then i accidentely wrote "paper" as "pape" so wen siang was lyk,eh girl,wat is tat word?P-a-p-e.Wat is tat?Then he stood up n was lyk teacher,tat ans correct meh?Bt i asked yen tung 2 change e word in time...Haha...Then 2day found out lionel got distinction in HCL n A* 4 MT...I almost died of heart attack...Wen siang was lyk oh,ya horh...u frm chinese,chinese family...Lawlz...Then shavonne ask me whether i got anythin 4 her 2 do i said i also hav nothing 2 do...wen siang ask me go buy water 4 ms yeo cuz a lot of ppl found out wat happened yesterday...Over this matter,chelsea n suresh were lyk go ask ms yeo eat shyt.Chelsea said she go ask ms yeo eat shyt while suresh supply e shyt.Bt after a while they decided to get ms yeo roll in e mud then stigrass,roots,herbs etc. on her.Then they changed their mind cuz they frightened ms yeo roll in mud will cause earthquake n once e plants c her they all die...Haha...

A beautiful miracle,not invisible
Monday, April 27, 2009 || 4:48 PM

2day was lyk damn funny...Ms Yeo was accusing me of using my hp in class(doesn't matter 2 me of cos...anyway,i am trying 2 b emo...).She made me write an apology letter...it sounded mushy...then return my hp back 2 me.Then i was waiting 4 her 2 rd finish 2 get my hp back...During tat time,xue ning was waiting 4 me bt she had tuition so she left first...Luckily,Ling Xi n Eve were there pei wo.Then ms yeo ask my buy mineral water 4 her...she nid 2 eat medicine...After i did tat,she return me my hp...So...WEIRD.I passed my geog test...Ha-ha...I own Lionel...He was lyk u jz pass only...Bt i still win him...Wen siang lost 2 lionel by 1 mark...Sucker.I hope i pass my history sia...During lunch,yvonne was lyk he zui lyk tat,keep on trying 2 hug yen tung...Yen tung scream until damn girly like tat...Bu kui yi qian shi choir.Chelsea was lyk i protect my chamberpot(yen tung.cuz of her hairstyle)...lawlz...Then during music e guys were saying we r les...Then they were lyk jialin wth xuening,yen tung wth ---------...A lot of crap sia...Then they were lyk we talk u listen,we talk finish u shuddup.So we ignore them jz keep talking then they were lyk who giv u permission 2 talk?Brandon brought this weird stamp 2 class then ryan n wen siang were stamping each other's shirts until the back got a lot of stamp marks.Then cuz e stamp is a date they were lyk singapore shirt got expiry date.So they threatened 2 stamp yen tung's hair cuz they say out of fashion already.Mdm zuraidah tot wen siang was brandon mainly cuz e stamp was on his table n there were e words 'brandon' on it.During geog,(our tcher damn boring)lionel fell asleep then we had 2 wake him up...Luckily 4 him,tcher didnt notice...2day was really lyk amn funny,n weird...n kinda pathetic...


I dance away my emotions...
Sunday, April 26, 2009 || 4:32 PM

Copied frm Lieu Yen Tung(kangaroo)
Rule #1:If you open this you take it.

Rule #2:You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks.
Rule #3:Tag ten people. Answer True or False
Q: Kissed someone on your friends list? false
Q: Been arrested? false
Q: Do you like someone? false
Q: Held a snake? TRUE!!!!
Q: Been suspended from school? False
Q: Sang karaoke? true
Q: Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do? true
Q: Laughed until you started crying?False
Q: Caught a snowflake on your tongue? false
Q: Kissed in the rain? false
Q: Sang in the shower? true
Q: Sat on a roof top? false
Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?false
Q: Broken a bone? false
Q: Shaved your head? false
Q: Played a prank on someone? true
Q: Shot a gun?true
Q: Donated Blood? false
Just be 100% truthful
1. You hung out with?erina,hannah n diana
2. You texted? jiehui
3. You were in a car with?Brother
4. Went to the movies with?Derrick,Gabriel Tan n my bro
6. You talked on the phone?Hannah
7. Made you laugh? everyone(almost)
8. You hugged?Cant really rmb
1. Sun or moon? moon
2. Winter or Fall?Winter
3. Left or Right? right
4. Sunny or rainy? rainy
5. Where do you live? lakeside
6. Club or pub?neither
7. Are there 1 or 2 people who you can always trust and rely on?definitely
8.Do you want to get married?o i hav time 2 tink?
9. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? twirl
10. What time is it?4.42p.m
11. Are you afraid of commitment? yes
12. What is your greatest hope/wish?b able 2 b happy wth all my decisions n nvr regret nething
13. Do you cook?yep...
14. Current mood? damn sian
1. Kissed someone? nope
2. Sang?dun tink----shyt...i did
3. Listened to music? yes
4. Danced Crazy?yes...i am a dancer 4 a reason
5. Cried? no
6. Liked someone you can't? no
1.Who was your first prom date? That would b in the future...

2. Who was your first roommate? Sara n Ming Xuan
3. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk the first time?im underage...
5. What was your first car? Some toy car.
6. When did you go to your first funeral and viewing?first?i dunno
8. Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs Chia
9. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? Bck 2 s'pore frm malaysia
I dun noe wat yen tung was writing after tis....

|| 2:51 PM



2day was damn funny in a weird way.My dearest senior Erina has mike fright.So I was e only one briefing e primary sch students bt i messed up...I jz kept saying hi...Then all the pri. sch students kept laffing.There were 2 pri. 1 students students who were crying cuz they lost in e game dog n bone.We all blame jonathan jr. n ryan neo...Who ask them call e children's no.?So,Diana n I took their places...Then I kept calling my brother failure...E first pic above is hui ling acting cute,e second one is e vry nice,vry wen rou,hehe,diana.E third one consists of joel,winston,my bro n some unknown ppl.Winston smiling lyk so happy cuz he tot i didnt manage 2 catch his pic.E last pic damn stupid...Winston was scolding Hartley tats y his hands so funny,then my bro lyk acting sexy lyk tat rolling up his pants,then joel lyk emoing...Haha....

Stepping in2 a 2 sec relationship...
Saturday, April 25, 2009 || 4:09 PM

Whee...I didnt noticd ying hooi blogged...n,i found out brandon has a BLOG...Pure stupidity...E other day,stupid idiot wen siang took all my mentos n my hp...Then i was emoing there n he was lyk,i can sponsor u penknife...one less girl on earth better...Go n die wen siang...Dun worry...no one will miss u...He,lionel n tong he were all planning until super zhou dao.Annoying idiots.Then somemore say dunno wat,zei han zhuo zei.Idiots.


MYE- Here I Come!!!
Friday, April 24, 2009 || 8:37 PM

Im gonna do this quiz too just so that this blog can be revived once again... btw, this is going to be my last post until MYE is over... :)

Write the names of 21 friends you can think off the top of your head, and then answer the questions.
1.Jia Lin
3.Bi Ying
4.Ming Xuan
10.Yong Ning
21.Qi En
1) How do you meet No.7?(Jennifer)
Ever since i joined crescent NPCC i knew her (she's my squadmate)
What would you do if you had never met No.15?(Dorothy)
Errr, nothing much would change except that there would be one person less to bully me... :)jkjk.
3)What would you do if No.1 and No.20 dated?(Jia Lin & Max)
4)Have you ever seen No.17 cry?(Jusitn)
Uhhh... Yea he saw a cockroach... emotic lah... no offence Justin!
5)Would No.4 and No.16 make a good couple?(Ming Xuan & Erna)
They're not les you noe... It would seriously be weird... though fittingly suitable... HAHA
6)Do you wan to be No.13 friend forever?(Darrel)
He's nice...i dunno lah...
7)Do you think No.11 is attractive?(Patricia)
WHAT do you mean by attractive...
8)What's No.5 favourite colour?(YingHan)
我怎么知道呢??? bt, i think its blue or red...
9)Wad laguage does No.8 Speaks?(Yewen)
i dunno... Chinese, english, yewenese...
11)Who is No.21 going out with?(Qi En)
huh, i think its en hui bt im not very sure... he chao playboy one lar...
12)What grade is No.16 in?(Erna)
Samee as mee... (copied from Jialin)
13)Would you ever date No.18?(Dora)
DORA??? If she read this, she would sooo be laughing... EXPLORE ON AMIGO!!!
14)Whr does No.17 live?(Justin)
I think it is at somewhere near orchard road there...
15)What is the worst thing about No.4?(Ming Xuan)
-This Question Shall Be Ignored!!!-
16)What would you like to tell No.1 right now?(JiaLin)
I went there cos i only had 2 choices, that, and nan hua... you noe why i chose crescent rite?!?!?!
17)What is the best thing about No.20?(Max)
He is a very funny person...haha...
18)Have you ever kissed No.2?(Sara)
19)What the best memory you had of No.13?(Darrel)
He was, well, er ...doing some embarrassing stuff... yea...
20)Whens the next time you are going to see No.21?(Qi En)
Not sure leh, i think it shld be around next week or so...
21)How is No.7 different from No.6?(Jennifer & Rebecca)
Jennifer is very quiet but when she gets angry, damn scary one i tell you... Rebecca i kinda like the opposite...
22)Is No.2 pretty?(Sara)
23)What was your first impression of No.13?(Darrel)
I thought at first that he was very mean and that he liked to bully ppl... I WAS SO WRONG...
24)How do you meet No.3?(Bi Ying)
I cant remember leh~~
25)Is No.17 your best friend?(Justin)
26)Do you hate No.12?(Xinyi)
27)Have you seen No.18 in the last month?(Dora)
Uhhm Yeah.. Like EVERYDAY... (We're CLASSMATES!!!)
28)When was the last time you saw No.2?(Sara)Last mth... i went to her house and she played with my com... :(
29)Have you been to No.13 house?(Darrel)
30)Whens the next time you see No.10?(Yong Ning)
Tuesday during armpower? i dunno...3
1)Are you close to No.11?(Patricia)
Okay okay lah...
32)Have you been to movie with No.21?(Qi En)
33)Have you got into trouble with No.8?(Yewen)
I dunno leh...
34)Would you give No.1 a hug?(JiaLin)
HAHAHA ( to your answer : Fat chance...)
35)When have you lied to No.5?(YingHan)
I cant remember...I dun tink i lied 2 her b4...
36)Is No.11 good at socializing?(Patricia)
37)Do you know a secret about No.13?(Darrel)
YES DEFINITELY... Especially this HUGE, GINORMOUS one lar!!!
38)Describe the relationship between No.12 and No.18?(Xinyi and Dora)
They dun noe each other, BUT, do you noe that Dora's chinese name is Xinyi??? -fun fact-
39)What's the best thing about your friendship with No.9?(Priya)
I dunno... Not really good frens i guess...
40)what's the worst thing about No.6?(Rebecca)
She gets EXTREMELY cranky when tired, but i guess i am too...sooo, yeah cant blame her...
41)Have you ever had a crush on No.12?(Xinyi)
42)How long have you known No.2?(Sara)
2+ yrs...
43)How you ever been to a fight with No.13?(Darrel)
Yeah. PS We arre not lovers.
44)Does No.3 Has BF/GF?(Bi Ying)
Upsettingly,no (im just copying jl's answer..)
45)Have you ever punch No.19 in the face? (Aiqi)
46)Has No.21 met your mother?(Qi En)
I dont think so lehs...

Randomness is sometimes e key 2 success...
Monday, April 20, 2009 || 4:59 PM

2day vry funny bt also a bit pathetic n weird...Lionel didnt notice tat nick took away his chair,so he sat on e air then ended up falling down...Lawlz...Then,during e lit,wen siang accidently-on-purpose tripped hexagon head.He flew in2 e wall n then wen siang was like sorry boss...nt on purpose one...Tat stupid hexagon lyk nvr learn his lesson like tat,still go n walk @ tat side.During music i was lyk look @ ms yeo's fat ass...Yvonne laf til she cry.Also,brandon stole yvonne's hp then put in his pe pants pocket,which was inside his uniform pants...So she had 2 unzip his uniform pants 2 geddit n tat was seriously weird so she didnt do it.Then wen siang was lyk unzipping brandon's pants @ a corner of e classrm ,so yen tung was lyk stop fagging!Then during history i got "forced" in2 giving wen siang my box of strawberry mentos...Haha...2day really vry vry funny...


Hello back again...
Sunday, April 19, 2009 || 9:36 PM

Hello friends!!!! (YH here)
Erm, firstly, i would like to apologise to JiaLin(for not doing the you-know-what)
Secondly, i would like to apologise to JiaLin again, for making my post count to 2 after around 3 weeks?
Yeah, okay... so... lets begin!!!
erm, life is super boring..., anyways, let me talk abt my baby sort of cousin...
he is now 4 maonths old and a half, super heavy and fat, but SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!haha btw, he's 8.5 kg now. yeah.
erm, so after this brief description, i hope that you will vote for him. hes taking part in the Huggies photo contest thingy... yeah... so, VOTEEEE!!!
and... you may get paid. nuff said...
{btw, this post is not being sponsered or anything by huggies..., AND, i am not a shareholder...}
So, yeah, vote!!!!
TY you kind souls!!!! :]


I kinda copied this frm yvonne...
|| 2:48 PM

Write the names of 21 friends you can think off the top of your head, and then answer the questions.
1.Ying Hooi
2.Ming Xuan
3.Bi Ying
7.Gabriel Tan
12.Yu Xin
14.Song En
17.Yen Tung
18.Xue Ning
20.Shing shing(shini)
21.Xiao Nan
1) How do you meet No.7?(Gabriel Tan)
Um...Can't remember.I knew him since i was in lyk K1?
2)What would you do if you had never met No.15?(Karise)
I dunno...No change in my life.
3)What would you do if No.1 and No.20 dated?(Shini n Ying Hooi)
Not possible...I swear.
4)Have you ever seen No.17 cry?(Yen Tung)
Noooo...I havent even heard her sing b4...
5)Would No.4 and No.16 make a good couple?(Clara n Sara)
Clara n Sara?Nvr..Mebbe they CAN bcome frenz though...
6)Do you wan to be No.13 friend forever?(Kelvin)
Hes funny...yaya...
7)Do you think No.11 is attractive?(Cynthia)
Cynthia has this pristine lk...
8)What's No.5 favourite colour?(Amos)
Amos?Blue,black n green.
9)Wad laguage does No.8 Speaks?(Clement)
Clement.DM lang...
11)Who is No.21 going out with?(Xiao Nan)
Yeesh...Hw shld i noe?
12)What grade is No.16 in?(Clara)
Samee as mee...
13)Would you ever date No.18?(Xue Ning)
Shes a gal...
14)Whr does No.17 live?(Yen Tung)
Yen Tung lives @ a condo somewhere near...cant remember...
15)What is the worst thing about No.4?(Sara)
She is a magnet 4 disaster...1 wk in fuhua n all e boys r already de siaoing her...
16)What would you like to tell No.1 right now?(Ying Hooi)
Y did ya go 2 crescent?!
17)What is the best thing about No.20?(Shini)
She accompanies me when i am lonely...Thx shing shing!
18)Have you ever kissed No.2?(Ming Xuan)
19)What the best memory you had of No.13?(Kelvin)
Him whacking Hui Ling up...So funny...There were um...many witnesses.
20)Whens the next time you are going to see No.21?(Xiao Nan)
Tomorowi,in sch,i shld tink...
21)How is No.7 different from No.6?(Gabriel n Gabriel Tan)
One e chinese name is Lim Jia Wei,e other is Tan Joo Liang.Also,one is Sec 1,e other is P6.
22)Is No.2 pretty?(ming Xuan)
Ming Xuan?Nt reallyyyy...
23)What was your first impression of No.13?(Kelvin)
A quiet pathetic boy...Ha!I was freaking wrong...
24)How do you meet No.3?(Bi Ying)
He-llo...We were classmates lyk since P1...
25)Is No.17 your best friend?(Yen Tung)
I dunno...She might b in e future...
26)Do you hate No.12?(Yu Xin)
No.U hav 2 kill me 2 hate tat fish...
27)Have you seen No.18 in the last month?(Xue Ning)
28)When was the last time you saw No.2?(Ming Xuan)
Last mth...
29)Have you been to No.13 house?(Kelvin)
30)Whens the next time you see No.10?(Kelly)
Dun remind me....Tomorrow.
31)Are you close to No.11?(Cynthia)
32)Have you been to movie with No.21?(Xiao Nan)
Dun tink so...
33)Have you got into trouble with No.8?(Clement)
Hav I?No.I havent.
34)Would you give No.1 a hug?(Ying Hooi)
Definitely.I hav...Bt if she transfers 2 NHHS ill hug her everyday...
35)When have you lied to No.5?(Amos)
I dun tink i lied 2 him b4...Wateva wld i do tat 4?Amos is nice...
36)Is No.11 good at socializing?(Cynthia)
Can't really remember.
37)Do you know a secret about No.13?(Kelvin)
38)Describe the relationship between No.12 and No.18?(Yu Xin n Xue Ning)
They dun noe each other...
39)What's the best thing about your friendship with No.9?(Kimberly)
Shes fun 2 b wth.
40)what's the worst thing about No.6?(Gabriel)
Hes 2 gd in maths...
41)Have you ever had a crush on No.12?(Yu Xin)
42)How long have you known No.2?(Ming Xuan)
3 yrs...
43)How you ever been to a fight with No.13?(Kelvin)
No.He onli fights wth hui ling.P.s.They r nt lovers.
44)Does No.3 Has BF/GF?(Bi Ying)
45)Have you ever punch No.19 in the face? (Dorothy)
Um...She'll kill me...
46)Has No.21 met your mother?(Xiao Nan)


Yo No Querra Morrir
|| 2:24 PM

Whee...I feel high 2day...So happy...4 no apparent reason...Yo no querra morrir...I dun wanna die...E show sixth sense was QUITE nice.It actually seems kinda cool 2 b able 2 c e dead.Rarrrrrrrr.I wish i could do tat...E revelation tat malcom crowe was dead was e most interesting part.Bruce Willis acted his part well,really well.Kyra was acted by Mischa Barton.She looked so cute then...Nw she lks like so um...bitchy.


Tissues?Nvr heard of it.Bt tissue man,yes.
Saturday, April 18, 2009 || 9:21 PM

2day went for cip,was not slack at all but it was super boring.There was this weird guy who was made 2 give out tissues by Ms Poon.We all don't know his name so we called him e tissue man.He was giving out e tissues as if he were like those aunties who sell tissue at e kopitiam.There is one pic above featuring him,one featuring hexagon head acting cool,another e box of freebies n lastly yen tung writing something. We were like throwing e tissues @ each other n laffing like crazy ppl.Some of e other sch teachers vry scary,then e champions 4 e NE quiz were Raffles Girls' Sch(primary category) n Raffles Institution(secondary category).Giving out e certs was freaking weird if there was anething 2 use 2 describe it...Then there was food bt they were all leftovers frm e others sch...E eclair vry nice...Then shing shing ate a lot of durian puff...I swear i will nvr do this kind of thing ever again...


I'm tired.I need to stop...I need to get away from you...
Friday, April 17, 2009 || 6:36 PM

2day was sports day,so sch ended @ 11.30!We(Yen Tung,Xue Ning,Rachel,Yvonne,Gloria,Tina,Chelsea and I)went to eat @ Mos Burger.It was packed like siao like tat...So we went to buy bubble tea first then went back to get fries...Cuz Ryan,Wei Kit,Brandon and Wen Siang were there 2,after they were done,they gave us they're seats.Then Lionel,Shen Wen and i tink Dylan were @ Subway.E boys insisted on nt wearing class tee cuz it's seriously super ugly.Who designed it ah?If u noe e who,kindly tell me on e c-box.I sat wth shining n xuening(we all sounded like crazy people!).Then kai siang keep talking crap bt he quite funny lah,then nw i o him a lot of money,i tink a few million hell notes.Then nicholas was running 4 his class in sports day then cuz he in dance ryan said he sissy.Bt,ryans initials spell CC which sounds like sissy.Then he overheard me and said wen siangs name bcomes w.s.ho sounds like asshole.Then dance got 4th 4 inter cca relay...Wateva,doesnt make a dif in my life,though i was emoing there 4 a while after tat.Wei kit ran like damn fast,i tink one of e fastest in lower sec...So happy...Then jie yin was trying 2 steal e chick tat shining bought n then we were all SUPER siao...we were running all over e place like mad ppl...Then I went back wth yen tung,xuening n dorothy.We walked past Ah Hok Kaya Roti then we all laf like crazy,then say shld hav eaten there 4 lunch...My day was quite exciting overall i guess...

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Whee!Life sucks...
Thursday, April 16, 2009 || 8:57 PM

Shyt...shyt,SHYT.Y did Mrs Tan have 2 put me wth lionel?WTH.He is freaking annoying...N nw,wen siang is sitting in front of me,bhind me is tong he.N i am still wth dylan,shavonne n jowell...Wa lao...damn frustrating sia...Tat stupid wen siang keep stretching vry annoying...Lucky he hav no dandruff...i tink.Then 2day tat stupid(vry stupid,actually)keep on calling me xiao bai tu nai tang n yen tung keep calling me rabbit...Then dunno which person bt im definite is a guy,said i shld put myself wth a rabbit instead of a polar bear(cuz we're doing my secret self 4 photoshop cs4 or something lik tat...)My wk is getting worse everyday.Then yesterday,we did calligraphy n tis vry vry stupid lionel tot it was brand new so he didnt noe got ink on it then he was lik painting his face...so damn funny lah...Tomorrow got sports day!Go Dance Society!Yu Wen n co. Jiayous! 2 rachel n wei kit also jiayous...Hah!Got new Mizuno running shoes bt WTH its ORANGE.I hate orange.I liked my old pair more.It was BLUE...Oh shyt...2day had chinese test...i sure fail...Hope Yvonne pass maths...Then she accompany us go eat at ya kun kaya toast...Haha...


Ying Hooi,Biying,Ming Xuan,Jialin,Sara-BFF!Not really...
Monday, April 13, 2009 || 5:51 PM

The statement above actually only applies to Ying Hooi and I...I'm blogging again only because I'm bored.I LOVE the korean dramas Princess Hours,Full House and Jia You Jin Shun.All damn funny sia...I can't really remember the show Princess Hours though...I only remember that it was extremely funny.Shall do quizes on www.blogthings.com and post my results here...


I can't get over you...not in a million years...
|| 5:13 PM

I DO NOT like Lionel....I very suay,sit in front of him...I went back with Xue Ning,Yvonne and Dorothy today...We were crapping all the way,and eating excessive amounts of chocolate.I think Yvonne spent $7+ while I spent $5.Haha!Dorothy had sorethroat today we purposely eat in front of her.All the english literature project I dump to Dylan and Shi Lei to do...Actually,not really...I did A LOT.Then when we were discussing during Music(but somehow,it became chinese.Better than seeing Ms Yeo though...),because Wen Siang was sitting next to Dylan,he kept on talking crap and smiling in a stupid way.He looked so weird that Shi Lei was like,"why is he smiling like that?"It was very weird so Shi Lei and I ignored him the whole time...Then,during Geography,Lionel dropped his spring and he and Brandon were being sick...They were like looking all over the place for that blasted spring...Then this blasted Lionel kept tapping me and saying it was Kai Siang because "his hands very long".Then Kai Siang down there laughing like an idiot...I can't stand them...I really can't...


Until I forget that you love me...
Saturday, April 11, 2009 || 6:08 PM

Shyt...my messenger account kenna virus...To all who received those useless messages,I'm sorry...I got a new handphone!So now,I'm actually bringing 2 handphones with me everywhere I go...One is my dearest Nokia 5320 Xpress Music and the other is Sony Ericsson W910i.Woohoo...I love my phones...My brother is so freaking jealous he wants to kill me.Take that you idiot!I miss everyone in Rulang last year(with some particular exceptions).Just now,the whole bloody notebook was hanging and thanks to Kelly Chong Siew Qi a.k.a Mushroom Chong Siew QI,I got over the boredom...Then,I spent the rest of the afternoon msning Bi Ying...Now that she's logged off due to reasons unknown to me,I'm smsing her now...Whoever helped me get over my boredom just now,thanks...And to those who were online when the virus attacked(Chelsea,Rachel,Lionel,Sara,Diana,Wen Siang etc.)sorry...


I think I'm falling for you
Thursday, April 09, 2009 || 2:57 PM

25 completely random things about myself(Jialin)
1.I hate bitchy people. 2.I like chocolates.
3.I sit behind Jowell in class. 4.I like friends.
5.I was from Rulang Primary School. 6.I don't like 109 THAT much...
7.I think Duel Master sucks... 8....but the armoured wyverns rock.
9.I don't mind using vulgarities when the need comes. 10.9 has been my favourite number for seven years.
11.I like watching Korean dramas. 12.I'm listening to the song "I Think I love You"now.
13.I miss all my ex-classmates. 14.I like reading.
15.I don't like my name. 16.I don't like worms.
17.To all bitches,stay away from me! 18.My mind is a blank now.
19.I feel very random today. 20.This is going to end now...Hurray1
21.I'm easily bored. 22.I think I like exams.
23.I hate Crescent Girls' School. 24.I like ice-cream!!!!!!!!!
25.I'm lucky to have good friends like Ying Hooi,Bi Ying,Sara and Ming Xuan....


hello people hello people!!!
Tuesday, April 07, 2009 || 9:08 PM

hello people hello~~
Heyy guys (or girls), YiNgHoOi here!!!!! In case you didnt know (or did), jialin has decided to let me post stuff here, the reasons of which are unknown!!! Anyways, hi again!

Erm, since its the first time posting, i shall give sort of like a self-intro:
[Jialin's REALLY MAD at me for going there (as you freaky ppl shld noe if you bother to read her previous posts)]

Im in NPCC!!! yay...again...
[Jialin thinks im crazy for joining that CCA...]

Erm, the kind of brackets i love the most are [ ] this! as they are really 'pointy' which, in my opinion is very immensely adorable

I was from RULANG PRIMARY SCHOOL!!! joined Rppe Skipping as a CCA...
[the CCA isnt really as lame as it sounds... it's quite fun actually...]

Erm, i dont think you need to know anymore about me.
So, im going to end the post here cos im really busy now and dont really have time to say anything interesting. :) -sorry JL if i disappoint you... 以后我一定会进力的!!! (if i write jing li wrongly, pls dont blame me as i really dont know how to write it)

btw, whenever i use the [ ] while blogging, i will put the thoughts that i have inside that i will never say aloud when actually talk to people (unless the ask me to lah...).

ThAt'S AlL FoLkS!!! :)


|| 7:38 PM

I found this quote by my friend Jasper.You know what?He has a point...This is the quote:"Copying from a single source is called plagiarism, copying from multiple source is called research."Agreed?This is weird...I like this line from Gundam Seed Destiny though...The quote-Please believe once again in the miracle that let us meet again as we are.So nice sia!...I feel like blogging in this lazy environment every day,though,of course if I get to see Ying Hooi,I wouldn't mind not having this kind of serene environment to blog in...Can't wait for dance tomorrow!Haha...I am never going to say"hi"out of school premises ever again...Today,I said "hi" to Ryan Soh Jia Jung and this old uncle thought I said HI to him...and he said HI back.Dorothy and Xue Ning were laughing like siao like that.I am going to make them pay tomorrow...I am so happy we are skipping Art and Design on Thursday...No one can call me "rabbit".Ha!

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I think I love you...
|| 3:38 PM

The other day when I went to eat at Sakura with my older cousins(Yi Ling,Jian Hao and Wen Hui),Yi Ling,I think went crazy...Above are pictures of her "very special and nice"concoction...Enjoy...It was damn funny and we were all laughing like crazy people.So cool sia!Not.Shi Lei told me that on Friday,the Secondary 1 dancers were using the stilts!!!This is cool!So happy I join dance!!So sad I didn't stay that day... Sigh...Haha!Enjoy the pictures?Good luck in stomaching it down!


Gotta keep moving on...
Monday, April 06, 2009 || 8:24 PM

To tell you the truth,I think I hate class 109...I mean 109 IS nice,but 5u'07 and 6u'08 was so much more fun{especially with Mr Loo and us bullying Mdm Chua :) }...I know it sounds seriously weird,but it's true...I really wish I could go back to those years...I mean not go back to primary school,but back to join my friends...Mr Loo was and I think will be the only teacher who is like my friend.He is always joking with all of us...I seriously think anyone who was taught by him would miss him.
The top 5 schools I hate and why:
1.Crescent Girls' School
Why:Ying Hooi,Ye Wen,Yong Fong etc. all went there...
2.Rivervalley High School
Why:Who ask Bi Ying,Hui En,Jerelyn etc. to go there?
3.CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
Why:I wanted to go there but my mom said its too far...:(
4.Hwa Chong Institution
Why:Why on earth is that freaking school a boys' school?!
5.Commonwealth Secondary School
Why:Why did so many people I know go to that school?It makes me wanna cry...


You're a waste of time...
Friday, April 03, 2009 || 8:51 PM

Wa lao...my freakin' tooth is shaking...I'm bored again...yes...again...so bored!!!Blahs...my regards to everyone in 6u'08...going to die of boredom now...P.sIt is a waste of time blogging when there is nothing to do or say...