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Life is a blast. Life is a song. Life is a dance. Most importantly to me, LIFE IS ART. And oh, I really do love sunny drawings.
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I know it's gonna be ok.

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“life will be better in spring”
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Sunday, February 28, 2010 || 1:35 PM


ARGH. Haiz. I feel...mixed up? Happy, sad, angry...so many things at once. Haiz. Gonna flunk Chem, hands down. Sad life. Haiz. Haha, Jane and Joseph came today and my new nickname for Hannah KYY is zao xia... XD! LOl, I like.

Stop acting like you even give a fuck what happens to me. We all know you don't right? You probably used to, but time passes, people change and you're no different. And guess what? I doubt you even know who I am anymore. You'd be surprised how much a person can change if they don't wanna get hurt again. Now, may I say this very damn clearly all over again, FUCK OFF BITCH. Stop pretending you care. You know you're lying to yourself. Why not make life easier for both ME AND YOU. Stop being selfish.

Saturday, February 27, 2010 || 7:12 PM

Holy. Just found Jayne's blog. Lol. Tio shock leh. Oh, and there's way too much to say so I shall not say anything. :D Damn smart right? Thy feels like posting pictures. Credits to infinity--onhigh.tumblr.com. Or wherever else. Some I dunno from where drop down one.

Yo. :D
Thursday, February 25, 2010 || 8:03 PM

Today was funnnnnnnnnn...teeheehee...except for the fact that Imma sick. And JT is epic. Super duper epic... XD! And Samuel and Bryan are awesome shingz! Love them TTM. Don't worry Arashi, I'll always love you more... XD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 || 9:45 PM

It's funny to hold a chat by just using smileys, frowneys, angries etc. LOl. I think only Yen can do that...==

Once again, it was a super epic day in lovely 209!

Early in the morning, there was this nameless worksheet being passed around, then somehow, it kept coming back to me cuz everyone said the words that size definitely mine. D: Then ended up any class's one...== Then you see what some people in my class said.

Zi Qin - Jialin! I don't care! It's yours! Take!

Dylan - Aiya, definitely Jialin's one!

Shini - I was wondering why the words so big at first. I thought you ask someone help you do first paragragh then you completed the rest.

Yen Tung - I thought your handwriting improve le! Then the back so small...==

Then Mrs Tan was damn funny... XD She saw Chelsea and I laughing like siao when she came in then she went something like "It's good to see you smiling and happy, but it's very unusual." Funny lah she. I is always happy and hyper de!

Then after school went to Cityvibes. Eat, eat, eat. Then, go big bookshop. LOl. We were like looking for the finest tip pens then Shining ask me to practice enlargening my handwriting by using marker... XD

Teehee...funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn day. And psps, camwhored a whole damn lot today, in toilet, together with Wobblers. :D For the first time today, I felt so together with the Wobblers, cuz EVERYONE was there... Damn happy. :D

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 || 8:54 PM

Today was epic. As in, seriously.

(The extraness of it all)

I wish I had never known you cuz when you talk to me, I swear I hyperventilate. At least, a bit.

Sunday, February 21, 2010 || 6:16 PM

I feel like puking and puking, and puking. And I feel like unching those 2 people in the face. Lol. Yen asked me to get one of them to sit next to me and then spill laksa again.... XD And then spent the entire of last night talking to shini about... SHININGLAND. Where everything is right. Eg. If shini says brandon is hawt, he is. And if shini says the earth is square, it is. Holy. She's getting ever more retarded each day...==

CT. Is. Coming.
Friday, February 19, 2010 || 7:12 PM

Yesyes, common test is coming le and therefore, we all hafta mug and mug and mug. Therefore, I shall try to make this super duper ultra quick. And this is partially cuz of Shining... :D


Erm, yeah, yesterday. I DO NOT LIKE PC. And then erm, I seriously forgot what happened le...== I know thy is an epic fail. LIVE WITH IT.

Ah, then dance...== I am an epic fail senior. And an epic fail at physics (I knew that, but it was proven, once again, today). Then so went to studio first but then I was like super duper extra... D: Luckily had Yen to sms... :D Then after greet Ms Tan le, I stoned there for a while. Eveline came! And apparently, the studio is getting dirtier...== found tons of hair on the floor...==

Then I went to get the science stuff then go to back of hall. On the way, met Mr Jeremiah Tan. He super funny I tell you. He saw me, then look up and down, then ask "Dance ah?" Then I went "ya" And then after that he was like "orh, okay, hello. Have a nice day!"

After that met Solo at the back of the hall then he teach me my epic fail physics...and apparently, I forgot lotsa stuff, in fact, everything. Then Jian Bin came, super funny. Jian Bin was like "WHAT YOU DOING TO MY JUNIOR?!" Which really was kinda epic. When Suresh and Yen Tung heard, they laugh like siao leh.

Then after he left, I was like stoning there but it was kinda weird cuz I wasn't wearing my shoes, so I changed venue of stoning to the toilent and ended up bending the cover of the drain...== I KNOW I OWN. Don't sue me, kays?

Then went back up to studio, dunno talk about what rules lah. Then after sec 1s come out, we nag nag nag then went down for bonding games. Ya, that's about it... :D

Oh, and I dunno when, we told Toon that Yen Tung's father tried to make the dogs mate. Then you know what the epic fish said? She said: So good! I also want!


Erm, went to school and then PW was first! LOl. Super funny. We were all cracking jokes about fertilisers, stars and stuff... :D Then Suresh and Yen Tung said I super slow cuz of the hole thing... D: I REALLY DIDN'T GET IT! And, I didn't hear them say it was a dirty joke...== But in the end, it was found out that Shi Ni was the slowest...== She didn't even know what we were talking about lah...==

Maths, was like...nothing...== And then Felicia, Kelly and I got scolded by Anu for talking... D: Psh.

And then HCL was once again, super siann.....Then Jowell and I kept talking. LOl. About ZM. And her failure teaching techniques. LOl. I know we're slightly evil. But ZM's teaching is. Really. *faints*. Hopelessly. Boring. But something super funny happened. Read:



During Chem, I was making notes for other subjects....== Jowell was doing xi2 zi4 and zuo4 ye4. LOl.

Then the rest of the day kinda sian cuz dance we didn't do anything...== and enrichment was kinda sian too. But I rather do Wushu then YOG! Looks so much more fun! And we were talking about using cai4 dao1s to chop celery... XD! Then Yen Tung and I started fighting...== ownage right? I know... :D

Monday, February 15, 2010 || 1:33 PM

Haiz. Psh. Yesterday was CNY and Valentine's Day... D: It was super boring and chao sian. Thank God for the people who I could sms (Yen Tung, Shi Ni, Felicia, Chelsea, Bi Ying, Ying Hooi, Kai Siang, Dorothy, Diana and You Zhuan). Hahas... XD! Sms until phone battery no more...== Luckly my aunt had charger. THY SHALL BRING CHARGER EVERYWHERE I GO IN FUTURE. Zzz, I still feel very sian-ed leh. Haiz. I found this at blogskins.com and shall do it... :D

1 favourite type of food:

2 best friends:
2)Ying Hooi!

3 must-haves in life:
3)Hmmmm...I dunno... D:

4 favourite colours:
1)Black -----<@ <==wow! A rose!
2)White (^.^)
3)Blue :D
4)Green C:

5 favourite songs:

1)Truth - Arashi
2)One Love - Arashi
3)Tonight - TVXQ
4)Hitomi no Kakera - FictionJunction
5)Heavenly Days - Aragaki Yui

Thy shall go rewatch D.Gray-Man, Ouran Koukou Host Club or something. Or mebbe continue with my Naruto Shippuden... :D BUAIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dance, like you've never lived before.
Friday, February 12, 2010 || 10:07 PM

Okay, as we all know, valentine's day is coming soon. And well, most of us received stuff yeah? Firstly, i wanna thank people. Later then talk about my day....:D

1)SHINING! (for the 4 chocolates and your "jiayou")
2)ALICIA! (chocolates too)
3)SHILEI! (chocolates again, LOl)
4) GINDELINE! (homemade chocolates)
5) YUQI! (homemade cookies)
6)PEARLYNN! (the sweets)
7)DENNISE! (the sweets)
8)JOANNA! (the sweets and M and Ms)
9)TIANJUN! (chocolates)
10)TIANYI! (chocolates)
11)FELICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOl, for marrying me, for the chocolate you meant to give me but didn't get the chance to, my chinese homework and your words of encouragement... >< Thanks dear!)
12)DOROTHY! (for waiting for me for 45min)
13)SURESH! (for your words of encouragement)
14)CHARMAINE! (for your words of encouragement)
15)SEC 3 DANCERS! (for the encouragement)
16)SEC 4 DANCERS! (the encouragement)
17)YENTUNG! (for putting the stuff in my locker. LOl)

Okay, so we had our dance today and I think I screwed up. Felicia said it was nice while Dorothy and Yen Tung said it was okay. Then once i reached home, I got dragged out of the house to go shopping...== then damn sian, I tell you. That's all. I have a boring life, don't I?

OH. And orh, I saw this guy with the same hairstyle as Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. DAMN COOL. DAMN DAMN COOL. SUPER COOL. I also want that hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!! D: LOl. No chance lorh.

Quiz, from Chels.
Wednesday, February 10, 2010 || 9:25 PM

10 things you want :

-Ipod. LOl.
-Sony Ericsson Yari or W995
-The mosquito to stop emo-ing...==
-Wobblers to have no internal feuds... ><
-W.I.L.L to rock on forever.
-Hmmm, an everlasting supply of apples, grapes, spaghetti, soba and chocolate. :D
-People to stop judging others by their looks.
-World Peace
-Mizu No Akashi... :D
-No more. HAH.

9 musicians/bands you love(right now):

-Avril Lavigne
-Yuki Kajiura
-Yuuka Nanri
-Nana Mizuki
-Nami Tamaki
-FictionJunction Kaori

8 things you do everyday:

-drink water
-crap. :D

7 things you enjoy:

-Time with Wobblers... XD
-Time with W.I.L.L
-Taking unglam shots of others.

6 things that will always win your heart:

-Sweet stuff
-A companion. (I have tons of them liao... XD)
-Yen Tung, you know this one...~~~~~~
-My darling pineapple which I'm gonna eat over CNY.
-Myself, duh.

5 favourites(currently):

Website: expiredpolaroidfilms.blogspot.com
Song: Too Much To Ask
Anime: Hmmmm... I dunno leh.
Band: Owl City
Season: Autumn. Hah.

4 smells you enjoy:


3 places you want to go:


2 holidays you love:

-Cambodia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

1 person you’d marry on the spot:


|| 8:28 PM

Haiz. apparently, there are so many people with unglam shots of me on their blogs. THANK GOD THEY NEVER UPLOAD ON FACEBOOK UNDER AN ALBUM CALLED "LABBID'S UNGLAM SHOTS". Phew. Thank God. And psps, I liked today's attire check. Dylan and Wen Siang are epic. Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST GRANDFATHER! A.K.A BRANDON! >< :D Ohoh, the mosquito looks kinda nice in the ACJC uniform... :D

Tuesday, February 09, 2010 || 9:32 PM

Okay, sian to the max. Haiz. Today was kinda sian. Went to the TCM place. 8D Kinda sian and there were so many people who kept bullying me.... O: Such as Shi Ni and Celery...== ZZZZ... Haiz. Seriously, then i was squealing and squeling and SQUEALING. Haiz. Damn gay...==

|| 12:24 AM

I'm kinda sad today... D: I mean, yes, funny things happened and all but yeah... Yen Tung, you know what, right? >< And also cuz of my earpiece. I just feel so emotionally and mentally tired. Yen Tungggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.... I'm kinda glad I told you. That might probably be the only right thing I've done today. :D

Sunday, February 07, 2010 || 3:40 PM

YO. haha...Imma back.. :D zzz....feel like uploading another video... :D When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne. :D

Saturday, February 06, 2010 || 1:56 PM

Yeah...this is the Wobblers video... XD hahas...did it for fun so don't sue me if it's not nice... :D Got it? Lol...heehee...


This is life.
Friday, February 05, 2010 || 11:38 PM

Erm yah, hi. Zzzz...haiz. I forgot what happened today liao... O: except that chinese was super slack cuz ZM wasn't around. Yah. And the Worh-ers told Rachel. Then everyone was like super emo after that. But I think in the end, everyone was happy, so I'm happy too. XD! And orh, DAMN ANU. She come jiao me lah. Eff her. Chelsea, we should really put a fart bomb on her chair... XD Then Leadership Camp was kinda boring... Hahas...then Ryan said his name was Wei Kit, Wei Kit said his name was Ryan, Brandon said his name was Wen Siang and Wen Siang said his name was Brandon. Then their name tag SUPERRRRR gay. Got hearts here and there...== And the game was retarded. We were supposed to make a super tall tower then cannot let it fall. Our group (Tina, Shi Ni, Gloria, Yen Tung, Xue Ning and I) kept blowing at the cards and fanning it when it was about to fall. Epic. XD. And our dance is completely screwed. Haiz.

(Hi, I wasted my time liking you.)

Thursday, February 04, 2010 || 10:57 PM

Thanks to Felicia, Xue Ning, Rachel, Chelsea and Yen Tung for wishing I get better soon... XD Thanks girls! Love you all loads and loads and loads... :D Haha...Wobblers, I need you all to help me spam pictures tomorrow kays? Thanks! :D

|| 10:52 AM

I AM SICK. Shingz my life. Haiz. Changed blogskin... :D haha...Sadded. Haiz. I shall still go to school later though... I dunno why either...== mebbe it's just cuz I wanna fulfill my duty or something...Aiya, heck care lah. :D Mwahahahahaha! I like the key board... :D

If only love was everlasting.
Wednesday, February 03, 2010 || 8:14 PM

The most fun period of CEP EVER. Hah. Thanks to Lionel and Brandon... ^^ Okays lol. I was dropping biscuit crumbs on people's heads....^^Funnnnnnnn. And Xuan Hao was glittering...==

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 || 5:45 PM

Handball is fun. HAH. Bam. I think I'm depressed. Seriously. Haiz. I wanna get MC for the rest of my life and just rot and decay. Shingz my life. It's boring. Toona has a new name... :D It's Toona Yagami. Read it backwards and you get I m a gay Anoot. Hah. In your face Toona. :P Haha...and celery backwards is some unknown word...== I like Kara's songs... :D


Monday, February 01, 2010 || 8:33 PM

Yes, I had a super retarded day today. Unfortunately. And I fell down on the bus and went "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...sorry!". Seriously, tell me, how retarded is that?!