I'm hearing myself think too clearly.

Life is a blast. Life is a song. Life is a dance. Most importantly to me, LIFE IS ART. And oh, I really do love sunny drawings.
-That's me

I know it's gonna be ok.

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Until the day I die, I'll spill my heart for you
Monday, May 31, 2010 || 9:46 PM

fyeahmoulinrouge:  (via rhiannonbluemel)

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus:
Huic ergo parce, Deus.
Pie Jesu Domine
Judicandus homo reus:
Huic ergo parce, Deus.
Pie Jesu Domine...

Cuz I'll be there. (:
|| 3:30 PM

blua: I love Japan.

Okok...My trip was kinda awesome-is. O: And I really really love (<3) some people TTM. Xuening, you know some, so just shut up and don't say that they are not nice or evil or etc. anymore, kay? d:

Tsk...thank you to Gabriel, Amos, Clement, Samuel and Wei Ling. The super duper awesome people. Thank you to Gabriel for holding me when I was about to fall and giving me his water when I needed. Lol. Thanks. 8D Thanks to Amos for watching out for everyone and scolding warning everyone about everything. O: Thanks to Clement for holding my hand when I couldn't walk properly and lending me your bed (unlike stingy Amos. O:). Samuel for his epic retardness. KC: Female crabs are more expensive. Samuel: Yeah, women are harder to please. and Anthony: What is your favourite smell and why? Samuel: The smell of victory and success and crushing those better than you to pulp. KILL KILL KILL! Then he suddenly swung up both his arms and went all "BANZAI!" Wei Ling for being an awesome friend who also held my hand a lot when I couldn't walk. (:

Too lazy to write le. d: And Xue Ning, enjoy Ouran Koukou host club. We told you it was awesome. 8D

Thursday, May 27, 2010 || 12:49 AM

(via heartily)

You had better take good care of her orh. Or I'll punch you in the face cuz she's my friend.
Hold on tightly to him cuz you were the one he chose or I'll kick you in the ass.
Show more care to her; learn from your mistakes...
I guess...if I had known you first, I'd have fallen for you. But you...would have brought me heartbreak.
I'm glad I knew you second.
But all the same, I love you. So damn much.
But you'll never know.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 || 5:27 PM

...in the end...it mattered. Damn. (:

Sunday, May 23, 2010 || 11:09 PM

I'm kinda effing sick of lies. O: So for once, I'll learn to tell the truth but whatever. What does it matter? o.o ANYWAY, I am really actually an emo kid. (: Yes indeed. And I really feel like dying and the truth is that whenever I need someone, hey presto! I don't have anyone. (: It's really such an awesome feeling that sometimes I feel hopeless and just want to die. The awesome thing is that I know I have obligations and can't just die. just because I need to be responsible. Oh well, FUCK IT. FUCK IT ALL. I don't care and won't care what any of you think anymore. So yeah. (: Bye, probably.

Friday, May 21, 2010 || 8:56 PM

joliemarie:  likesbears: (via skycastles)
We can't make people love us, but we CAN make them fear us. (:

Yeah...today was emo max. D: Tsk. Started off by being super damn extremely tired then go school sleep sleep sleep in class but then horh, cuz of PE and translation test, CANNOT sleep. Eff lah. :/ Then I had to wake up for PE and found out Suresh took the chio "Hibari ball" which as Michelle said, "We risked our lives to get the ball from Solo cuz he might have scolded us" which is unfortunately, utterly true. X: Cuz he took the ball from the sec 1s. Then Suresh just go take. WTFH lah, suresh.

Translation test was kinda ok so I won't talk about it. (: Slept through chem cuz I don't see the point of listening to the filing stuff and ended up vandalising the file content page with Chelsea. Dunno what write fail helmet, draw random stuff (I LIKE MY DRAWING! YAY~) and write *ahem*s names. (: Smsed Andrew (Chelsea's kor). He are weird to sms I tell you. And he kinda reminds me of me. O: And obviously, I didn't tell him I was Chelsea's friend. 8D

Chinese was fail. I never bring textbook then everyone either don't have or having Chinese also...== So I owe ZM 3 pieces of copying textbook...thanks ah...==

Maths...was dumb. We thought can slack but ended up with so many dumb things to do. Anyway, get well soon Mrs Tan. (: ICT was spent trying to get on FB, using Adobe Flash, researching stuff etc.

Dance after. I found it kinda slacky. X: Anyway, I damn suay...T.T When seniors ask us group in groups of 5 to do the YOG thing, my leg cramped up and it kinda became white and I couldn't balance properly. T.T GARH. I blame...the foot. LOl. Anyway, after dance, went home. O: Duh..== Hmm...and Michelle, don't feel guilty I have to walk home alone lah. (:

I...just have my reasons lah. (:
Tsk. Then anyway, there was this weird senior called I-dunno-who who was just....weird.

Took 154 but the first one left cuz it was too full. O: The second one was almost empty. 8D YAY~ But I tell you horh, I tio owned by the chair seat. It just cut me when I tried standing up. It was damn *#^@&@ pain I tell you. Then reach home, nose bleed...utter ownage. O:

Psps, I'll bite you to death. (:

The heart dies a slow death, shedding each hope like leaves until one day there is none
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 || 8:25 PM

Kekekeke...Dance was epic. 8D Cuz of Alfreda, Michelle and Leila. I literally ROFL-ed...== Tsktsk. Thy are gonna keep a private blog. O: So yeah...but not everyone can read. ^^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 || 9:54 PM


Hee. You Zhuan's erm...song. O: It are kinda nice. O: I feel like a failure when I see his and Chelsea's writings. O: The erm, song :

I walk slowly, as if I'm dreaming
Down by the ocean, looking out past the waves
Staring far away at the boundary where the ocean and the sky meet
And just wishing that could be you and me, but I guess its too late

The sky ahead is so dark I can't see
And the wind blows so cold that my heart is freezing
So I wait for the dawn to break, but the sun just doesn't love me
A simple voice would be the light, but I don't think its coming

Though there's no reason why we couldn't meet, again
But I wish I said those words before he did
So fatigue please don't catch up with me, lest it drag me down from waiting
Cause no matter how painful it may be, I'd like to keep on going

I'd love to keep my head up in the clouds
(And sweep my feet off the ground)
Cause I wish I could keep dreaming
(And maybe forget reality)
So I just keep looking to the sky
(Cause that's right where you are)
And maybe someday, the dawn might just see me.

I guess you never knew how hard it rained in my world
How much I regretted not having said those words
Its been so long since I saw the day, I forgot how I fell asleep
I so miss the light of dawn, but I guess the sun forgot me

How on earth am I supposed to sleep?
When every second, I know you're not here with me
I don't know what to do, so I'll just keep on waiting
While tears long frozen withing my heart thaw and start flowing

I'd love to keep my head up in the clouds
(And sweep my feet off the ground)
Cause I wish I could keep dreaming
(And maybe forget reality)
So I just keep looking to the sky
(Cause that's right where you are)
And maybe someday, the dawn might just see me.

You are my sun, so before you take to the sky
Just pause a moment, turn and look a little while
Shine a ray of dawn back through my dark and lonely night
Do you see me? I've been waiting all this while...

Kinda awesome nia. O: Anyway, today nose bleed in class again then poor school uniform tio. Yesterday was dance tee tio...== Chelsea went to look for Ning for tissue then Shining, Xue Ning and Yen Tung came rushing over and threw tissues all over the place...like some tissue donation box...== It was damn epic-ish. Then I had to borrow Chelsea's jacket. O: It are nice leh. Anyway, went to toilet with Yen Tung to clean up and she said she'll call ambulance, yeah, again...== so her lorh. LOl. And I overheard her saying pour me off the chair. Ya lah celery..I know you very strong lah...== Anyways, I think I ate too much cake today. T.T Anyway, THANK YOU CHELSEA, YEN TUNG, XUE NING, SHI NI AND JOSEPHINE for caring and asking if I were fine. ;D

1)Blinking tears
It's burning me down
I guess you could if you wanted
I know you more now
And you don't even need to know who I am
How to keep it alive to make it
It's on your back

You have a gift to the world
Do something I never would

You want me to be like you
I got my face in my hands
I’ll give you the guns in my head

Blow me away
Cause I can't seem to hear myself
I'm back on my feet again

Going nowhere
I don't know how to tune my mind
I’ll give you all that I have

Ready to blast
All over the world
I guess it all depends on what you want to do
It was everything you wanted
Everything you ever wanted in this imperfect world

We're just another figure
Forever… what does it mean
You're bringing me down on my knees
You bite the hand that feeds you
So let it go let it be
You're bringing me down on my knees
Bringing me down on my knees

Blow me away
Cause I can't seem to hear myself
I'm back on my feet again
I give you all that you want

2)The commentator announces with a high voice that the time is survival
Imagining a bleak future, then throwing it into the darkness
In the mirror is a face that nudges yesterday's mistake
Praying for the one day, here, there, us

Tired from swimming in society, even if I stick out a teasing tongue,
You still run through the time with overwhelming vitality!
A light beams into the infinitely drawn sky.
When the last day of Earth comes and the lock on lust breaks loose we can become Adam and Eve.

Things needed to live in this world toughly, even a little bit of disappointment
When seen on the long run, becomes a top-class spice
If, now, I question everything I dream of is it right to say that I should throw them all away and live on?
On confusing nights your ocean lives deeper than anything
For that new life, you live praying for the future

Stolen summer, challenging love, should we run through the night before the new era?
Making gratitude and respect more effective, the moving drama

That something close you want to hold on to, the words to express, the meaningful future, who in what way can cast away
The more qualms there are, boring moments are filled
A light beams into the infinitely drawn sky.
When the last day of Earth comes and the lock on lust breaks loose we can become Adam and Eve.

Things needed to live in this world toughly, even a little bit of disappointment
When seen on the long run, becomes a top-class spice
A light beams into the infinitely drawn sky

Sunday, May 16, 2010 || 12:11 PM

Hmmm...hey, sorry to all for the emo posts especially Felicia, Josephine and Rachel. (: Hahahaha...and thanks to Doro for another awesome blogskin. ^^ Though I don't really like the colours. X:

Saturday, May 15, 2010 || 10:43 AM

missjemmaleigh:  believe (via mishface)

Heh. Believe what...? Someone tell me. AHAHAhAHAHA...should I even be happy? :/ Sorry Felicia for all the emo-ness but really feel very emo-y leh. X: SORRY!

Celery day~
Friday, May 14, 2010 || 10:15 PM

stephenbeadles:  glorianne: crowcrow: nothingssacred:(via destinedfordust)

My poor poor celery...fall sick on your birthday... D: Must get well soon okay? The labbid loves you loads. (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! I'm too lazy to type out everything I have to say. d: Too much le. From how much I hate to lose to you but somehow I always do...T.T to...man other stuffs lah. Anyway, hope you had a good day, get well soon and must enjoy your fourteenth year alive. (: My photoshop skills...suck. GARH.

Thursday, May 13, 2010 || 9:52 PM

but nobody said it was gonna be this hard. /:


To Shi Ni... Thank you for being such an awesome friend all this time in Nan Hua and always (almost. d:) accompanying me to the toilet. Hahahaha...the most awesome slug I have ever known. One day MUST get you your star costume. Hehehehe...us and our crazy ideas. Remember the Wonder Labbid saving the dearest Pineapple at the alter? O: You were a very mad slug if you ask me. XD Hehehehe...continue being the...slug that you are but when must run, must run orh. Or else later Gloria have to run many many rounds. O: THE LABBID LOVES YOU A LOT. A LOT MORE THAN YOU LOVE THE POOR OLD LABBID. No, wait, you're older than the labbid. 8D Anyways, really, thanks for being my friend. I really love you a lot...and of course, your mentos too. 8D

To Ying Hooi. Life in Rulang would have been so boring without Sara, Ming Xuan, Bi Ying and you. Thank you so much...before I knew you, I felt so lonely. /: I guess I could say my life brightened up when I first met you. Thanks so much dear. I bet you never knew that though. Thanks for remembering me when you went to all the weird places you went to. (: Always buy me turtle de...== Wood turtle also have, soft toy turtle also have. Hahahaha...I love you a lot also. Why did you go to Crescent? Your brother in Nan Hua got so bad meh? T.T I LOVE YOU. And, a super ultra big happy birthday. (:

I promised I would swallow my tears, that I wouldn't cry but I can't. Especially when I heard the song Because of You. I was literally choking on my tears. But my tears, never came out. It was stuck in my eyes almost like...the way I never actually could let you go. Shit, I know if you saw me in this state, you would scoff and call me "epic fail". I actually wish that you would suddenly appear and say that. I just can't...never mind. I'm sorry. Would you forgive me for crying on the first day? I guess not. You always hated people who cried. All my tears...they were probably held back because of you and now...you're gone. What am I to do? I'm a horrible mess. It's like there was a shipwreck in the sea my heart was. The debris are still there. Teach me to forget, to forgive, please, don't leave my life. I begged that everyday in my heart but you just let go of my hand like that. i wonder how I managed to hold back my tears. Can't you see how important you were to me? I guess you never saw cuz I never mattered. I wish I did. HAHAHAHA...I just made 2 wishes in this tiny paragragh. When will I ever give up...on the surface, I can. All my wishes lied in you. Their all...gone. Forever. Hey sis, I love you.


Zheng Mian's reply...almost made me cry. I SUCK.

|| 1:07 PM

I'm speechless, suffocating and lonely
The world without you has...
Chewed out my heart
Stomped on my dignity
Torn apart my heart
So why did you leave me behind?
Why do I have to face the pain alone?
-Because of You (After School)

I'm worried for 209'10. Garh. Why can't we stay out of trouble for one. T.T I''m kinda glad I didn't go to school today. Haiz, good luck, Ryan. ><

On the lighter note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHI-NI-NG! (:

I love you a lot Toilet Buddy. 8D Hahahaha...continue being chio and dumb and huh-ish forever. 8D

Saturday, May 08, 2010 || 1:20 PM

Today was...hmmm...fail. (: Our music project was epic and the timing was kinda wrong. X: But never mind, people laughed. 8D And the water bottle flew out of Noot's hand and i was drenched...==

Slept through all the lessons until it was E Lit. Oh my holy, JT is an awesome actor. O: And I'm a rubbish..== Anyways, Lit was super damn fun. 8D

Went to the tea place and had quite a lot of fun. LOl. Was grouped with Yen Tung, Tina, Audrey, Shavonne, Suresh, Kai Siang, Jun Yuan, Tong He and Arnold. O: The dumpling was super nice TTM but sadly, it wasn't for sale. D:

Went to play basketball with Tina, Yen Tung, Rachel and Wei Kit opposite school after we were released. Then we were sian-ed TTM so wanted to leave then the sec 4s asked us to play with them. O: 2 basketballers leh. O: And somemore Wei Kit one arm still cannot use. LOL. IMBA arses.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010 || 4:16 PM

Our music project...is...gonna be damn epic. == And Toon, you idiot...make both of us sing solo for what? T.T I cannot blast sia. Only Yen and Rachel can sing solo lorh. T.T somemore the song damn hard to sing. I are not choir de horh. ): hahahaha...at least the others got people to sing with them leh! Heh. Everytime PT isn't around, class is just awesome. (:

Then suddenly got one lime!
|| 4:16 PM

togetlost:  apassingfeeling:(via Romeika)

People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Merely vague concepts ... their "reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs? - Uchiha Itachi (Naruto)

Today was...awesome..? Probably. Hahahahaha...was chionging Art during Chem. X: Completed it in about half an hour and it looked kinda nice I think (BHB-ness, I know. d:) hehehehehehehe... ANYWAY, IS...I'm sure I fail le. T.T Then art...our group was damn super xtremely epic but you know what? WE GOT 41/50. As Lionel says, damn zai. 8D Despite the completely irrelevant lime, horh, Jo? XD

Dance was utterly slack. O: and apparently, I can do qian fan. But it sucks ttm. HAIZ.

http://funky-juntastic.blogspot.com/ THIS IS DAMN COOL. I shall try if I have time. (:

Monday, May 03, 2010 || 10:05 PM

atalefromsomeone:  d-d-d: (via loveyourchaos)
“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your dreams will never wake up and tell you that they don’t love you anymore.”

Hmmm...someone, tell me if this is true... :D TQ~ :

You have a blue soul. Blue souls are calm, intelligent, independent and trustworthy. You love anything that symbolises peace like water. Swimming is one of your favourite sports. You tend to avoid big groups of people and generally hang around with a group of close, well-trusted friends. You are capable of having many serious relationships. One of your goals is to find the meaning in life. You love to spend time alone, perhaps reading a book or just listening to your thoughts. However you get irritated easily when you are interrupted. You sometimes look down on games as childish and immature. Next time instead of frowning upon “immature” people join in. You may be surprised how much fun you have. You can also get hurt easily by jokes or pranks. Just remember not everyone around you is as serious about life as you. Also don’t expect all relationships to be “the real thing”, you will just be disappointed.

HAHAHAHA. Life is just mean, isn't it?

I don't know what to feel anymore.

Universal Studio. (:
|| 8:53 PM

You’ll always have that one person, who breathes truth into your dreams - even if you don’t know what they are yet. There’s always that one person who believes in you even more than you do in yourself.

Yesyes, so i went Universal Studio today. (: it are nice. LOl. The fail guy who threw eyeballs was damn spastic...== And Dracula and The Phantom rock~~~ Hehehehehe... 8D

Saturday, May 01, 2010 || 10:18 AM

The setting sun...Shadows of people
A delicate flower about to be crushed underfoot
Why did it bloom?
The reason is still unknown

The light shines through tenderly
The kindness that makes me stronger is here
I will not turn my back, no matter how cold the wind
Until I find the color beyond comparison

Why do people seek dreams with other,with other places
Things conveyed just by touch
It exists now here closeby
But hopefully, always...
Harmony that has begun to shine
I know of the kind look that watches over me
I hear the voice that always understands
The time that passes - season and all
Without being erased

Only to the rain
After the tears
I will tell
But hopefully, more...

Love is light that shines through tenderly
The kindness that makes me stronger is here
I will not turn my back, no matter how cold the wind
Because I want to find the color beyond comparison

Harmony that has begun to shine
I know of the kind look that watches over me
I hear the voice that always understands
The time that passes - season and all
Without being erased

When I first met you
My heart became brightly illuminated.

The words I want to say to you are still
Locked away in the pocket of my heart.

I know these feelings are important,
So I'll keep them warm until the time comes.

From afar, the sound of a chime rings
And makes my heart speed up,
Like the wind, piercing through to the sky.

When I first met you
My heart became brightly illuminated.

And when the time comes for to tell you all
The words that I've locked far away,
"You are my sun,"
Forever smiling.

I want to show you the scenery there
At the place where we met, and are going to.

The oncoming future too, I'll tell you,
on the train rushing by the towns, what we'll see

As the noise grows distant, the sounds ripple
Making your heart warm.
Like the wind, piercing through to the sea.

Our prologue,
In this sky, our feelings are glorious.
Now, we begin
this heart-pounding story.

Yay, done. 8D and I just noticed I left my school uniform under the table...DIE.

Cuz making these decisions would make her cry...