I'm hearing myself think too clearly.

Life is a blast. Life is a song. Life is a dance. Most importantly to me, LIFE IS ART. And oh, I really do love sunny drawings.
-That's me

I know it's gonna be ok.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010 || 1:19 PM

Another day, another passing of the sun across the sky. The days almost seemed mundane. Nothing seemed to happen anymore and life had gone back to its usual rhythm. What was this absolute boredom?

A sharp pain suddenly gripped his head and he staggered backwards from the edge and closed his eyes against the onslaught of it, pressing the back of one hand to his forehead, frowning through the harsh pain which peaked then waned slowly until it vanished suddenly, leaving him completely as though it had never been there.

He straightened slowly. Something was wrong.

It was a feeling he constantly had these days. Ever since the headaches had started to plague him, they had grown in strength. At first, just a dull ache that persisted for hours, a thought nagging him from the edges of his mind ; now it was short bursts of pain that sometimes lasted for minutes on end, something pressing on him from the edges of his mind, pressing on him to remember.

Remember what?

What was this sudden thought that he was trying to remember? Something he should have remembered. Something important. Something-or someone?-that at once both set a craving in him to see and a burning need to take out his anger on someone.

A flash of black hair, a warm smile...

He seemed to have forgotten someone.

Someone important. Someone...precious?

But who?


|| 12:44 PM

His fingers were quick at work on the small piece of paper. "So," he said softly.

"What," he said bluntly, peering at the bedridden man from over the edge of the clipboard in his hands, his eyes wary.

The man merely smiled with a hint of a smirk as he put the last finishing touched to his creation and unfolded its wings.

"There," he raised the small figure to the light.

The other man made no response though his eyebrows inched together slightly and he reluctantly walked over from his perch against a cabinet and sat on the edge of the bed, apparently still engrossed in reading the recordings on the clipboard.

"Do you think I'll ever fly again?" he murmured softly, the crane still held to the light, "This feeling of weakness does not leave..."

The other man lowered the clipboard and glanced at him as though in question. He was smiling slightly bitterly, slightly wistfully. The other man closed his eyes and turned his back again. His voice controlled and even as always, he said, "that's only to be expected."

He shifted on the bed and turned away to place the fragile paper crane on the table and leaned back against the pillows, "that's true..."

He said no more and the other man opened his eyes and put down the clipboard with an air of finality. Getting off the bed, he stalked to the end of it where he hung the clipboard back in place and rounded the other side of the bed with purpose. The other blinked his eyes at his furious appearance before the fist connected with his left cheek then it was tightly reigned back, restrained.His fist remained in the air as the other straightened, his cheek stinging from the impact, but not flaming-nor was he unconscious-as he would have been if the other had truly put his strength into it.

"Stop with the self pity. I detest it," he muttered as he glared back over his shoulders, lowering his fist slowly. His gaze then flicked over to the window, hiding his eyes from the earnestly searching eyes of the other, "that was a warning. Once more and you're dead."

The other blinked slowly, the old smile returning back to his face as he chuckled slightly.

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|| 12:24 PM

Tears fall like the drops of rain but it is alright because no one notices.

The salty tears mingle with the freezing precipitation, numbing her body of feeling as she stood with her face upturned, the drops harshly beating upon her face. That is alright, she did not want to feel anymore; she never wanted to feel anyway.

What good ever came of it?

Eyes closed as she was thoroughly drenched, the hot tears squeezing their way out uncontrollably even as her face remained impassive, not betraying any of the inner turmoil or the hard knot in her throat that would not go away. She swallowed but that only made it lodge harder.

Why did she feel like this?

She reached out with one pale hand, reaching for the figure she could see. In her mind, the face was smiling familiarly, alive with life (I didn't know what else to say ==) as she remembered so well. She does not know how but she remembered.

Where are you? Where have you gone?

A face appears in her mind's eye. A snapshot of the single moment before the casket was closed on the body lying pale and still. The clothes were neat, the face smooth and peaceful. She takes a step forward blindly and almost slips in the thick slick mud that the rain had created. Her eyes fly open as she caught her balance instinctively. The beautiful, still face was gone.

She closed her eyes again desperately but the image did not return

It had faded forever.


Thursday, October 14, 2010 || 4:40 PM

Hi, I'm back. Miss me? LOL. I know you don't.

I sincerely hope I pass my EOYs (highly unlikely). :D

LOL. Look at this:
A notable gag throughout the series is often whenever Kanda fights, his hair often comes loose from its hair tie and he usually ends up partially or completely shirtless in some way.

Why can't that happen to Mukuro? D: LOL. Never mind. This is damn random...

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Thursday, October 07, 2010 || 1:27 PM

ON HIATUS CUZ OF EOYs. mmhmm...bye-bi! ^^


Winter Fireworks...
Monday, October 04, 2010 || 5:27 PM

A cat picked up only to be abandoned again...In the end...

I'm sorry...

I'm nothing but a fool.

Goodbyes were always painful and she knew it. He was leaving her again; an abandoned cat picked up only to be abandoned again... The cold night air brought chills down her spine. However, compared to what he had told her,it felt like nothing. By now, she could feel her tears slowly, almost painfully, trickle down her cheeks as she watched him turn his back, his silhouette slowly disappearing into the darkness of the white night.


Mirai no Oozora e
|| 5:10 PM

New family song <3 But Dino shouldn't be in it. He's from Cavallone lorh. And, LOl,I still think Yakusoku no Basho e was nicer.


ツナ&リボーン) もしも君がくじけそうな時は

         空高くその手 伸ばしたらいいさ

 (京子&ランボ) ひとりじゃ上手くいかない時は


     (雲雀) ふいに雲が流れ (山本) 雨が降り出した

   (クローム) 虹の生まれる場所まで

   (リボーン) 心つなぐぞ 七つのリング

  (京子&ハル) 君の笑顔 ボクの笑顔


(了平&雲雀&骸) ケンカしても すれ違っても


     (ハル) いくつ時が流れても (イーピン) 胸に光る宝物

    (バジル) 口ずさむメロディ (ツナ) 大切なファミリー




         転んでも立ち上がれ!何度だってTRY AGAIN!

     (獄寺) 巻き起こせ嵐(ストーム) 

(了平) 照らし出せ太陽(サンシャイン)       

(骸) 霧に隠された未来も

     (ツナ) 続いてゆくよ あの大空へ

  (獄寺&山本) どんな夢が どんな奇跡が


(ハル&クローム) 見えないけど 分からないけど


   (ディーノ) たとえ遠く離れても (ランボ) 振り向けば風の中

     (京子) すぐそばにいるよ (リボーン) 最高のファミリー

 (ツナ&バジル) すべての事に すべての人に


(雲雀&ディーノ) それぞれ違う 無限の力


     (了平) そうだ!何があろうとも 

(山本) 大丈夫さ!前向いて

      (骸) 巡り来る季節 (獄寺) 共に行くファミリー

     (全員) 君の笑顔 ボクの笑顔


         ケンカしても すれ違っても


         いくつ時が流れても 胸に光る宝物

         口ずさむメロディ 大切なファミリー


[tsuna+reborn] moshimo kimi ga kujike souna toki wa

sora takaku sono te no bashitara ii sa

[kyoko+lambo] hitori ja umaku ikanai toki wa

minna no ii to koro mochiyo reba ii yo ne

[hibari] fui ni kumo ga nagare

[yamamoto] ame ga furi dashita

[chrome] niji no umareru basho made

[reborn] kokoro tsunagu zo nanatsu no RINGU

[haru+kyoko] kimi no egao boku no egao

ega kareru PEEJI wo sagashite

[ryohei+hibari+mukuro] kenka shite mo sure chigatte mo

muga muchuu de hashiri nuketa hibi

[haru] ikutsu toki ga nagare temo

[i-pin] mune ni hikaru takara mono

[basil] kuchizu samu MELODY

[tsuna] taisetsu na FAMILY

[lambo+i-pin] boro X5 pika~!

kurayami de inazuma hikatte mo

shinkokyuu ochi tsuite namida korae yukou

[dino+basil] sunao ni jibun tsutae rareru made

koron demo tachi agare nando datte TRY AGAIN

[gokudera] maki okose SUTOOMU

[ryohei] terashi dase SUN SHINE

[mukuro] kiri ni kaku sareta mirai mo

[tsuna] tsuzuite yuku yo ano oozora e

[gokudera+yamamoto] donna yume ga donna kiseki ga

donna kao shite matte irun darou

[haru+chrome] mienai kedo wakaranai kedo

kitto haran banjou no STORY

[dino] tatoe tooku hanare temo

[lambo] furi mukeba kaze no naka

[kyoko] sugu soba ni iru yo

[reborn] saikou no FAMILY

[tsuna+basil] subete no koto ni subete no hito ni

sasae rarete ima wo iki teru

[hibari+dino] sorezore chigau mugen no chikara

hakari shirenu kibou no TARGET

[ryohei] sou da nan ga arou tomo

[yamamoto] daijoubu sa mae muite

[mukuro] meguri kuru kisetsu

[gokudera] tomo ni yuku FAMILY

[all] kimi no egao boku no egao

ega kareru PEEJI wo sagashite

kenka shite mo sure chigatte mo

muga muchuu de hashiri nuketa hibi

[all] ikutsu toki ga nagare temo

mune ni hikaru takara mono

kuchizu samu MELODY

taisetsu na FAMILY

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Sunday, October 03, 2010 || 10:26 PM

The last day of the century.
The last day the sun will ever rise.
The last day before the start of the unending night.

Not really. It's just that in two days time, EOYs. Goodness.

|| 4:20 PM

I can't say things that I don't feel and I'm bad at explaining myself; that's how it is.

I can't draw my sword easily, so other than showing my careless smile, I can't do anything.

In that place, at that time, I was always sincere. However, alongside what's deep in my heart is the opposite...the opposite.

How true.

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Stupid stuff :D
Saturday, October 02, 2010 || 6:20 PM

...84....I've done 84 out of 132 stupid things. Should I be happy? ==

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|| 6:01 PM

It's happening again...You are being disillusioned that nothing you do can help. Maybe you know that you can change things around...if you wanted to.

But you don't really want to...because, being sad always brings some comfort to you - that small sense of belonging and familiarity. No matter how long your sadness has been prolonged, you know that whenever you revisit it, the same thoughts, feelings and actions all take place; you revisit the place you first left off.

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Keep On Walking
|| 5:56 PM

spaceships-beerandwishes:  I took quite a few but this one was the best. (: Keep on walking, cause you’ll never know what you might find at the end.  nigel takes awesome pictures O.O


|| 5:50 PM

I know from experience that you should never make someone your everything because when they’re gone, you really have nothing. All you have are the memories of the happy times but even though they’re happy memories, it hurts to think about them.


A silent goodbye
|| 5:41 PM

She watched on…
In fascination and utter horror.
Fascination; in the vastness of the opposition's power…
Horror; she watched as the the one and only person she ever loved was crushed...

So there she now stood; after all of the lies and acting, after all of the battles, after all of the sacrifices… watching… as he disappeared from her sight. She silently cried and said goodbye to her old friend …and lover.

Tears threatened to overspill as she saw a ghost of a smile come across his lips. That beautiful smile that had once stolen her heart so long ago… As she watched it vanish, she let her feelings vanish with it.

After her memories had returned, she often wondered if any of those first six years had been real?... Had he approached her only because he thought she looked familiar? Did he ever really care? Did none of the time they spent together matter? Was it only for him to further his ambitions? Or… or… did he become her friend again, because he really enjoyed her company? Because he really thought of her as a friend… and lover?

She would never know.

The sound, like that of a small wind chime, echoed through the roar of the battle as their engagement ring fell—safe from all harm—to the ground; ever so softly sounding the bell of victory.

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|| 5:39 PM

It's true what they say; old habits are hard to break but you'll always remain nothing but my most tempting mistake.

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The Rescue
|| 5:37 PM

"I don't want to lose you...," his voice almost a whisper.

"But you don't want to keep me either do you?"

To that, he had no response.

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Quiz 1
|| 11:48 AM

I miss doing quizzes. Kope-d from Shining. (:

Name: Labbid
Brother(s): Cheng Kiat
Eye Color: Typical asian browish, blackish brown.
Shoe size: 37 I think O:
Hair: Black and straight.
Piercings: None. HAHA. xD
Height: 1.63m bah o:
What are you wearing right now? Tshirt plus FBTs.
Where do you live? Labbidhole.
Favorite number: 9 :D...69 would do too. ^^ and 81.
Favorite drink: ...Coke O: but like the kind that is freezing.
Favorite month: October. :D
Favorite breakfast: Nothing o.o

***********Have You Ever***********
Broken a bone: Once.
Been in a police car: ...I don't think so O:
Fallen for a friend: Yup.
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time: Yup.
Swam in the ocean: I think it was for 5 minutes only.
Fallen asleep in school: Who hasn't ==
Broken someone’s heart?: I hope not.
Cried when someone died?: Not really. But yeah, a bit.
Saved e-mails: No. LOL.
Been cheated on: No o.o

***********What is************
Your room like? A room.
What is right beside you? CHOCOLATE. >D (bet you're jealous)
What is the last thing you ate? Chocolate

———————-Ever Had-————————-
Chicken pox: Yeah, but it's back when I doubt I had a memory.
Sore throat: Obviously.
Stitches: Oh hell no omg I think I'll die from fear.
Broken nose: NO O:

————————-Do You————————–
Believe in love at first sight? Kinda.
Like picnic? YES.

Did you last yell at? My brother.
Who last made you smile? ... ... ... hmmm... I dunno
Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? Glasses. But seldom O:

———-Final Questions————-
What are you listening to right now? Go Away - 2NE1
What did you do today? Read the dictionary, do art.
Diamond or pearl? Diamond.
Are you the oldest? Nah.
Indoors or outdoors? Depends

——————Today did you———————-
Talk to someone you like? My chio husband :D
Kiss anyone? Nah.
Get sick? Nope.
Sing? A bit.
Talk to an ex? No o.o
Miss someone? Yes.
Eat? Chocolate (and yes, if you're wondering, I am fat and horribly overweight. :D)

—————-Last person who——————
You talked to on the phone? Debra
Made you cry? Myself
Went to the movies with? Don't remember le O:
You went to the mall with? I dunno...Tina?
Who cheered you up? Myself.

Have a crush on someone? Nope nope!
What books are you reading right now? The blog.
Best feeling in the world? Knowing the people you care about are safe and care about you too.
Future kids names? I'm a horrible namer ==
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? ...my kid. :D hahahaha...
What’s under your bed? Air.
Favorite sport(s): No favourite.
Favorite place? Anywhere I can sleep.
Who do you really hate? Many people.
Do you have a job? Nope.
What time is it now? 12.02 pm

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The 100 most beautiful English words
|| 11:20 AM

I copied this from some tumblr I stumbled upon: pineapple-dreams.tumblr.com

Ailurophile A cat-lover.
A gathering.
Becoming Attractive.
Beleaguer To exhaust with attacks.
To think alone.
In a lovely rural setting.
A small, cozy cottage.
Like a cat’s eye.
To blend together.
A focal point of admiration.
A brief love affair.
Dominion, territory.
Shy and reserved.
The resolution of a mystery.
Slow, sluggish.
Sweet, sugary.
Bubbling enthusiasm.
Flowering, blooming.
Dropping a sound or syllable in a word.
A good potion.
Beauty and persuasion in speech.
Rubbing on a lotion.
A softener
A sudden revelation.
At one time, for a time.
Gaseous, invisible but detectable.
Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.
Withholding response to provocation.
Shifty, sneaky.
To skip or leap about joyfully.
The finest piece of thread, a spider’s silk
Happy, sunny, care-free.
Messenger with news of the future.
Overlapping and forming a regular pattern.
An altercation or complicated situation.
To infuse, instill.
Beginning, in an early stage.
Unutterable, inexpressible.
A naïve young woman.
A cozy nook by the hearth.
Blithe nonchalance.
To become jaded.
Twisting and turning.
A special kind of gift.
A small gulf or inlet.
Listlessness, inactivity.
Weariness, listlessness.
Free time.
To move musically or lively.
Slender and graceful.
Slender and flexible.
Deep affection.
Sweet sounding.
One of two equal parts.
A slip of the ear.
An unconquerable archenemy.
The sea between the horizon and the offshore.
A word that sounds like its meaning.
Lush, luxuriant.
A manuscript written over earlier ones.
A solution for all problems
A complete set.
An art work combining materials from various sources.
A half-shadow.
The smell of earth after rain.
A large quantity.
An inclination.
Successful with heavy losses.
Mose essential.
A spicy French stew.
To knit or unknit.
By the bank of a stream.
A very small wave.
A spark or very small thing.
Rich, luxurious oriental palace or harem.
Finding something nice while looking for something else.
Light, delicate or warm and sunny.
Lush, luxurious.
Secretive, sneaky.
A river in Pennsylvania.
Whispering, hissing.
A good luck charm.
Protection from sun or rain.
Unseemly, inappropriate.
In trace amounts.
The means.
Sorrowful, downcast.

Oh well, I love the list. Really. For all practical and official purposes, this is probably the best list I've ever found.

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Friday, October 01, 2010 || 10:17 PM

This was not love.

Love was too abstract, too ephemeral of an emotion to mean anything real.

This was companionship, mutual and exhilarating in its own right. This was a relationship between two individuals who gave and received comfort, respect, and trust. No flippant romance, no superfluous meaning involved. No red strings tied them together; no talk of fate and or destiny passed their lips, no loving endearments.

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|| 10:06 PM

As much as Rachelle preferred the world of writing, she knew that there was something to be said about retaining humanity.

The companionship of two girls with a mutual love for writing had been an anchor of reality and clarity for the two of them. Clarice, who so desperately hated being confined to her fictitious role, barely able to wear her school uniform or keep from falling into the solitude of sleep with her headphones blaring, would not have been able to keep her sanity. At that time, clear-headedness was more crucial than anything.

No words were needed. They were unstated, a fact about their lives that was unnecessary to be brought up due to their permanency. At this point in time, in the middle of a battle that would end in either their salvation or destruction, Clarice needed grounding and Rachelle provided that. The guilt of the reality they lived in weighed heavy on her heart, but there was nothing to relieve it except for success.


|| 9:56 PM

They were healing and reinforcing their spirits from within as they gave themselves selflessly to each other; there was absolutely nothing that could compare. It was cathartic, this act of giving and taking so completely...

It had been easy for him to look to tomorrow as the day of their destruction, but he didn't want to anymore. The life strumming beneath his fingers reminded him that there was always something to fight for, and to win they needed to meet their foe without fear.

Love is the fire of life; it either consumes or purifies.

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